Saturday, February 14, 2009

V-Day: Choke On It And Die

I probably should have mentioned this, but along with New Years, I also firmly despise Valentine's Day. It also didn't help that today, both my co-workers came in with cards, chocolates and rose petals. Then they asked me what I got for V-Day. Apparently, the desire to walk head-long into on-coming traffic doesn't count as a gift. Who knew?

Well, whatever. I've got a date with a bottle vodka and some old horror movies. Who needs love when you've got enough booze in your system to blind a horse? Anyways, Happy Valentine's Day! I'm going to go all Persona 3 on myself and paint the walls of my house with a festive patina of grey matter. Cheers!


Robert said...

Hi Jeremy,
I just want to tell you and your supporters on this blog that my fellow Victorians are so appreciative of the fire fighting reinforcements that have arrived here from Canada, the USA and New Zealand as well as body identification specialists from Indonesia. Thanks to “Sam” the rescued koala, there are also overseas animal welfare people volunteering. I went to a pet’s emergency relief and temporary home fundraising picnic today organised by a friend. The gay community here is also doing its bit. I only wish you were here stripping Jeremy and we could have raised millions of dollars. lol!
Seriously,I know the help and thoughts are so appreciated by everyone.
X Robert

Jeremy Feist said...

I'm so glad to hear your safe and happy down there Rob. All the best!

meaux said...

Well, Jer, this happy married couple got our ears assaulted by an overly-loud band in an overly-small room. The whole evening, Mr. meaux looked like he wanted to crawl under a rock (seriously, how hard is it to not look miserable for a little while?!). And for my gift, that romantic fool got iPod charger! Yep, very practical. But I didn't even remember to run out and get his present Friday, so he's getting his nice new warm gloves next week.

We would have had a much better time staying at home with vodka and movies.

Robert, good to hear from you! Hearing about the animal welfare efforts kinda tugged at my heartstrings a little bit....