Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kill, Fuck Or Marry #4

Alright, it's Sunday, so you know the drill: Kill, Fuck or Marry. Aaaaaaaaaaand go.

1. You're given a list three people
2. You have to choose who to kill, who to fuck and who to marry.
3. Suicide is not an option.
4. You have to do it for both the men AND the women. It's purely hypothetical, so quit being such a pussy.
5. If you need help making up your mind, you can click on the name to see a pic.

Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Johnny Depp?

Amanda Bynes, Hilary Duff or Kat Dennings?

Dane Cook, Andy Samberg or Wyatt Cenac?

Emily Blunt, Anna Friel or Isla Fisher?

Steve Cruz, RJ Danvers or Damien Crosse?

Eliza Dushku, Megan Fox or Rose McGowan?

Lee Pace, Ryan Gosling or Luke Wilson?

Once again, leave your answers in the comments below.


Marra Alane said...

In Kill, Fuck or Marry Order:

1. Kill Johnny Depp because he looks like a gas station attendant, fuck the shit out of George Clooney, and marry brad pitt. George clooney strikes me as a guy you don't keep, you just enjoy and then throw back, like the cunnilingus guy from sex and the city.

2. What are you thinking? Kat Dennings doesn't deserve to be in the same category as Amanda fucking Bynes. That's like comparing She's the Man to Charlie Bartlett. One is a good movie with good actors, and the other is a massive steaming pile that doesn't deserve to be considered in such an important event as KFM. We are officially in a fight. Oh, and I'd fuck Hilary Duff.

3.Kill Dane Cook, obvs, fuck Andy Sandberg, and marry Wyatt Cenac. Mmmm....Wyatt.

4. Kill Isla Fisher - I find her annoying for some reason - fuck anna friel, and marry emily blunt. She has a great sense of humor.

5. Kill RJ Danvers (camo undies? Epic fail), fuck Damien Crosse, and marry Steve Cruz, even though he has retarded tattoos.

6. Kill Rose McGowan, fuck Megan Fox, Marry Eliza. She seems fun and not retarded like the other two.

7. I find Luke Wilson incredibly attractive, but his choices in films make me want to kill him. Fuck Ryan Gosling, even though I don't find him remotely attractive, and marry Lee Pace, because clearly he's the cutest man alive.

Liz said...

i'm joining in:

1. Marry Johnny Depp. I think he'd keep me on muh toesies. Fuck George Clooney. Often. I'm with Marra on this one. Kill Brad Pitt, cuz he kinda annoys me.

2. Marry Amanda Bynes. I just like her, alright? Fuck Kat Dennings. Kill Hilary Duff.

3. KILL Dane Cook. Can I kill him more than once? Please? I've honestly never even heard of Wyatt Cenac, so i'll go with fuck for him. So I guess that means I have to marry Andy Samberg... well. shit.

4. I'm gonna marry Emily Blunt. total girlcrush. fuck Anna Friel. and kill Isla Fisher. She irks me.

5. kill rj danvers, marry damien crosse and fuck steve cruz.

6. oh marry Eliza definitely. even if i'm not sure about Dollhouse thus far. kill the shit out of Megan Fox, i think she tries way too hard. and fuck Rose McGowan. you just KNOW she's fun in the sack.

7. oh, that's a tough one. i'll go with marry lee pace, fuck ryan gosling, and kill luke wilson.

that was fun! :)

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Hee! Me too, me too! K-F-M order:

1) Pitt, Depp, Clooney.
Clooney seems like the smartest, which I need in the long term, and I've wanted to fuck Johnny since 1982. Poor Brad, he just loses out. Nothing personal, Brad!

2)Duff, Dennings, Bynes.
I find Duff irritating, Dennings hot but annoying, and Bynes cute and endearing.

3)Cook, Cenac, Samberg.
I don't think I need to explain Cook. I have no idea who Cenac is, and Samberg I can divorce for loads of cash.

4)Fisher, Friel, Blunt.
I'm killing Fisher based solely on Confessions. Friel is pretty, but I adore Blunt. And that accent...

5)Cruz, Danvers, Crosse.
I don't know anything about these guys, and none of them is that appealing to me looks-wise, so I'm basing this one on levels of body hair.

6)Fox, Dushku, McGowan.
Again, I don't think I need to explain Fox. Dushku is Faith, and so I need to have sex with her, but I find Rose McGowan fascinating.

7)Wilson, Gosling, Pace.
This is a tough one! I kind of love them all. Poor Luke, he's just too easy-going for me, I think. I just watched The Fall again, and it made me want to marry Lee Pace. He's got some depth. And those eyebrows. I love a strong eyebrow.

Jared Michael said...

First off, kill the 2 people who said to kill RJ...blasphemies!!! How could you kill sweet and hot RJ??

Kill: Brad Pitt
Marry: George Clooney
Fuck: Johnny Depp

Fuck: Amanda Bynes,
Kill: Hilary Duff
Marry: Kat Dennings

Marry: Dane Cook
Kill: Andy Samberg
Fuck: Wyatt Cenac

Kill: Emily Blunt
Marry: Anna Friel
Fuck: Isla Fisher

Kill: Steve Cruz
Marry: RJ Danvers
Fuck: Damien Crosse
(With RJ and Damien, it was a toss up...thanks for making it hard...)

Fuck: Eliza Dushku
Kill: Megan Fox
Marry: Rose McGowan

Kill: Lee Pace
Fuck: Ryan Gosling
Marry: Luke Wilson

meaux said...

In K/F/M order:

1. Pitt/Depp (and it will be kinky and awesome)/Clooney

2. Duff/Bynes/Dennings. Duff and Bynes' positions are pretty much interchangeable, though.

3. Cook/Samberg/Cenac. I'm not at all familiar with the latter two, but Cenac is cute!

4. Oooh, toughie...I like all of these gals. Okay...Friel (sorry, honey)/Fisher/Blunt.

5. Yeesh, I have got to start watching more gay porn; it's hard to just by the photos. Oh well...we'll say Cruz/Crosse/Danvers.

6. Oh lord, Fox annoys me. "Worship me, geek boys! I'm TOTALLY one of you! *snicker, snicker* Losers." Kill kill kill. Ehh...fuck Dushku and marry McGowan, I guess.

7. Wilson (no offense, buddy.)/Gosling/, Pace/Gosling...aww, dammit...can I fuck them both at the same time, then marry them both??

dammitjanet said...

Ok, Jeremy, seriously...I CANNOT even do this one.....


Jeebus, Isla, Anna, Emily??? Who can choose there???

Luke, Ryan and the Pieman??? Are you INSANE???

Julie said...

1. Kill Brad Pitt because I meh him, fuck Johnny Depp, and marry George Clooney. He makes such a lovely accessory.

2. Kill Hilary Duff, fuck Amanda Bynes (though I have no idea why), and marry Kat Dennings and her perfect boobs and lips.

3. Kill Dane Cook, fuck Samberg (I find him strangely attractive), and marry my beloved Wyatt and have snarky babies.

4. I can't look at the pictures from work, so I'm choosing according to whose name sounds most like a serial killer. Kill Danvers, fuck Cruz, marry Crosse.

5. Kill Fox, fuck Dushku, and marry McGowan. She's fiesty.

6. Kill Wilson, fuck Gosling, and marry Lee Pace and never share him with ANYONE.

Julie said...

I forgot one! Kill Blunt, fuck Fisher, and marry Friel and steal her Pushing Daisies wardrobe.