Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kill, Fuck Or Marry #3

Yup, it's that magical time of the week again: The Weekly Sunday Kill, Fuck Or Marry! Once again, the rules are:

1. You're given a list three people
2. You have to choose who to kill, who to fuck and who to marry.
3. Suicide is not an option.
4. You have to do it for both the men AND the women. It's purely hypothetical, so quit being such a pussy.
5. If you need help making up your mind, you can click on the name to see a pic.

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert or Steve Carell?

Amanda Seyfried, Rachel McAdams or Scarlett Johansson?

Erik Rhodes, Michael Lucas or Zeb Atlas?

Lily Allen, Kelly Clarkson or Katy Perry?

Taye Diggs, LL Cool J or Djimon Hounsou?

Ginnifer Goodwin, Amy Adams or Felicia Day?

Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles or Chad Michael Murray?

Aaaaaaaaaand leave your results in the comments.


meaux said...

In K/F/M order...

1. Colbert, Stewart, Carell. Tough call between the latter two, but Carell just seems like such a sweet guy. Not that Stewart doesn't. Yup, tough call.

2. ScarJo (I don't hate her as much as some, but she seems bland and she mangled Tom Waits), Seyfried, McAdams. Mmm, pretty pretty girls.

3. Ummm...none of these fellas are rocking my world; they're a little too muscle-bound for my taste (I know, I'm hard to please!). Okay, okay. Let's say Atlas, Rhodes, Lucas.

4. Perry, Allen, Clarkson. Allen seems like a mess, but I bet she'd be a crazy fuck.

5. Cool J, Hounsou, Diggs. Hounsou is pretty damned hot, but Diggs looks like more of a cuddler.

6. Oh, let's say Goodwin, Adams, Day. I do like Ginnifer, but she's a bit in the doghouse thanks to her character in He's Just Not That Into You. And how could you not want to marry Penny?

7. Meh, meh, meh. So young and bland (good grief, I really AM picky), and I haven't seen any of their work. But let's say Murray, Padalecki, Ackles. Yeah...Ackles is kind of cute. We'll go with that.

Marra Alane said...

In K/F/M order as well...

1. Stewart, Carell, Colbert. But I'd feel really bad about it. John Stewart is so smart, but not very fuckable.

2. Scarjo, McAdams, Seyfried. I love Amanda Seyfried. I feel like I could be friends with her and not want to punch her in the face the way I do the other too.

2. Jesus, Jeremy, how many porn stars do you know? Kill Rhodes, fuck Atlas, Marry Lucas. I actually think Rhodes is more my style than Atlas, but he also looks like this frat boy who tried to spike my jungle juice once, so he's gonna have to go.

4. Kill Katy, obvs, fuck Kelly and marry Lily. God, I love Lily Allen. Love Love Love her.

5. Diggs does nothing for me, fuck the shit out of Djimon, and marry LL. He just seems chill.

6. Kill Ginnifer and feel really bad about it, fuck Amy, marry Felicia. She's hot, smart, and funny, how can you not marry that?

7. Kill CMM, fuck whoever Ackles is, and marry Jared. If only for the abs. Mmmmmm.

meaux said...

Dude, you never give us your answers! No fair!

Jeremy Feist said...

Don't want to do it just yet, because I don't want anyone's answers being influenced. Although for the record, anyone who kills Jon and/or Erik must sit on the shame stool. Hint hint.

dammitjanet said...

These just keep getting harder!!!

Ok, in K/F/M order.....this is REALLY hard.... Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell Man, I like 'em ALL!!!

Scarlett Johansson, Amanda Seyfried, Rachel McAdams
I am OVER Scarlett, don't really get Amanda, but I have a HUGE girlcrush on Rachel.

I abstain cuz I am not familiar with their, ahem, "body of work."

Damn, uh.....Katy Perry, Lily Allen (I want her to talk dirty to me in her accent),Kelly Clarkson (we can eat junk food together!)

Another REALLY hard one....Djimon Hounsou, LL Cool J (ladies DO love Cool James...and his muscles....yum!!!) the luscious Taye Diggs ( I love Idina Menzel, but I AM SO JEALOUS!!!)

Oh, man......Ginnifer Goodwin, Amy Adams, Felicia Day

Can I kill them all? Just not into the little pretty boys....Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles or Chad Michael Murray

Sarah said...

Also in K/F/M order:

1. Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart. Also, Jon would need to come to an understanding that the thing with Stephen would be ongoing. The heart wants what it wants, dude.

2. ScarJo, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried. Or maybe ScarJo, Amanda, Rachel. No, scratch that... I would clearly have to somehow convince Amanda and Rachel that three's not a crowd; it's a party.

3. I don't know who any of these people are, so I'd call Jeremy for advice and do whatever he told me.

4. Katy Perry (diedieDIE), Kelly Clarkson, Lily Allen. I think Kelly Clarkson is adorable and her songs are super catchy, but my complete adoration for Lily Allen is no secret. I keep pissing off readers of Yeeeah because I won't stop posting about her.

5. Huh. Umm... Taye Diggs, Djimon Honsou, LL Cool J. I think.

6. Felicia Day, Ginnifer Goodwin, Amy Adams. I would feel super bad about killing Felicia, though.

7. I don't even know the difference between Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, but I can tell you for damn sure that Chad Michael Murray needs to die.