Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Was Productive Today. Someone Must Die.

Glurg. Glurg I say. Today didn't start off too bad. I spent the morning in bed watching Buffy and leftover chicken. Afterwards, I went out and saw Confessions of a Shopaholic. Shut up. Pierre made me watch it. It's all his fault. Blame him! I know I said I was going to start listening to Dustin again, but I can make an exception every now and again, right? Or maybe this is just because I saw Pierre sans pants, whilst Dustin's Bermuda Triangle remains a mystery. Terribly sorry.

Anyways, point is, the movie wasn't that bad. It's not like the sky will open up and Oscars will rain from the heavens, but still, it was worth the ten bucks I paid to see it. Although the ending made shit sense. "Well, she's trying to get her life back on track after it was nearly destroyed by compulsive shopping. How do we fix her life up?" "...More Shopping!" "Brilliant!" Also, if I see one more goddamn wedding dress, I will jab a pair of Manolo Blahnik strappy-sandles through my eyes, heel first.

The fuckery started when I got home and checked out the new comments, only to notice that someone tampered with my music player. Y'all know me by now, when the fuck would I ever have The Fucking Pussycat Dolls on my player? Either someone dropped the ball over at Project Playlist, or someone's fucking with the blog. Uh-Oh?

Anyways, more fuckery occured as one of my superfuckinglazy co-workers took her third consecutive "Sick" Day. Guess who had to cover for her, as per usual? It also doesn't help that the waiters who DID show up were complete and total fucktards. Case in point: I had two waiters and one waitress come up and simultaneously ask me if I could break a hundred dollar bills (I couldn't). Then I had one of them punch in a take-out without telling me, pocketed the money, so I spent an additional twenty minutes looking for my missing moolah. Fun. And to think, I missed kickboxing AND a tanning appointment for this.

Oh well, enough complaining. Pretty soon, I'll be off to better things, but for now, I have pillow to cuddle and some Buffy to watch. I also have Cameron Marshall following me on Twitter, which is several different kinds of awesome. I'm doing a happy dance right now, because not only do I have a gay porn star following me, but he also has an IQ of 120+ out of 140. Basically, never play Trivial Pursuit against him, because you will lose. Hard.

To play you out, here's Adele live with Chasing Pavements, which I may or may not have listened to twenty times straight. Cheers!

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Rusty said...

You know, I visited earlier, heard the Backstreet Boys and was like "huh, that was strange. Jeremy must be going heavily ironic with the playlist today." Sorry to hear that wasn't the case.