Monday, April 20, 2009

I Squirted

For those of you who haven't heard about it yet, you can now see pictures and movies of me jacking off on Squirtz. I do various other things as well, including stripping, showing off my ass and killing a goat dressed as the imp of destruction to appease the god Dionysus (although I think that one might have ended up on the cutting room floor). Anyways, pics will be up once Bruce releases a press package, though for now, maybe a pic of my airbushed-to-fuck mug will do (sorry, but until I get a go ahead, y'all have to pay for it like everyone else). I have to admit, it's a pretty decent pic of me, although I think that's mostly because the guys pretty much photoshopped the sweet baby jeebus outta me until I stopped looking like a hideous troll. Score!

Anyways, for those willing to pony up, the video is available now, and you can see it here. For now, I'm just gonna go to bed and try to get over the fact that I have a ridonkulously tiny mouth. Honestly, it borders on Betty Boop-ish.


Lainey said...

I worry about you, Jeremy Darling. I worry that if anything ever happens to that hoodie you'll lose your damn mind! Do you have a back-up just in case?

PS: Cute boy makes me smile.

Robert said...

G'day pron star,
Wow that sounds kinda different - doesn't it.
Ah well, remember us little people on your stella rise to international fame and fortune.
x Robert (remember me) from Oz

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Your mouth is perfectly lovely, and also, may I say that you have a fine pair of eyebrows. (You've surely heard of my admiration for a good strong brow.) I've no idea how airbrushed you are, but I can tell you you're making some straight girls happy in the pants.

Matt the Great! said...

How many times do I have to tell you? They did not use photoshop. You actually look like that. Good lighting is key. I think that is what you have been missing in the past. I've seen you, that picture looks just like you. Well, not JUST like you. I think you look a little better in person. :)

Jeremy Feist said...

Lainey: Hmmm...Now that you say it, I really should look into a backup, huh? And who's this cute boy of which you speak?

Robert: Oh come on! There's no way I'd ever forget you!

AVB: I also hate my eyebrows. They're too furrowed. Although I am glad I can make straight girls' ginys tickle.

Matt: And I still say it's photoshop, bitch! PHOTOSHOP!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremy,
The pic is awesome. When compared to your Dec 8, 2008 blog pic, the shorter hair along with a clean shaven face are a big image improvement. Also, if the photog used a wider angled lens for the portrait shot, your face will appear fuller. Narrow scruffy face = troll

John in Oregon

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