Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thank You, Abstinence-Only Education

No, really, we are ALL fucked. We are fucked very very hard.

(Thanks to Failblog for making me lose all faith in humanity)


Lord Thundercox said...

But... that was my plan for landing you.

meaux said...


Oh dear.

Pants said...

Don't worry. She'll probably die from the Syph before her ovaries ripen anyway.

Rusty said...

I get what you're saying, but no amount of education can fix trashy and stupid and that's what this strikes me as.

Dr Jared said...

first and fore most, kudos to failblog for this.

second off. dear lord our savior (even though i'm buddhist) save our souls and all of humanity.

this is fucking ridiculous.
it sort of shows where the behavioral system of parenting comes into effect (not to offend anyone at all with this) and how they obviously LET their children be able to do this.

and all at the age of 14? wow. even though i can't personally say that is potentially real or just fake, i still feel sickened to my stomach knowing that someone is PURPOSELY wanting to do that, i mean, i work in the field of HIV prevention, but worked at a teen clinic that offered birth control, etc. and we did a presentation on birth control, etc. and this just sickens me.

sorry to rant on your blog jeremy, but this is just disturbing in my eyes, and makes me want to vomit, knowing that children, CHILDREN are wanting to allow themselves to do this.

and to PURPOSELY do it? wow...little girl...can i slap you?

jesus. sorry again for ranting, but thats just soo wrong on many levels in my book.


#FAIL as we would say on Twitter.

and as you said: "No, really, we are ALL fucked. We are fucked very very hard.

(Thanks to Failblog for making me lose all faith in humanity)"

i very...let me stress it VERY MUCH so agree with you.

Dear god save our souls.

Robert said...

very very sad

MelodyLane said...

It's things like this that make me petition for an intelligence test prior to procreation.

Jeremy Feist said...

Thundercox: Are you kidding me? I'm WAY easier than that.

meaux & Robert: My thoughts exactly o_O

Pants: Is it wrong to wish death on fourteen-year old girl? Oh, wait, I don't care.

Rusty: Indeed, this is a very special kind of stupid. I see this girl dying from a stupidity related incident in the near future.

Melody: Seriously. It should be like a drunk test for driving. Only it's for sex.

Dr. Jared: I don't know whether this is real or not either, but the fact that it's completely believable scares me. Indeed, we are all going to die.