Friday, April 3, 2009

What's Your Damage, Heather?

Alrighty, so I've been working on Scriptfrenzy for two days thus far, and so far, I've managed to squeeze out a good eight pages. I'm wonderfully proud of myself, since the only experience I've had writing scripts revolved entirely around a fluff media class in high school. The fact that I actually wrote something instead of completely falling flat on my face is a miracle.

What's less than fan-fucking-tastic is my car. I mean, it's obviously pretty fucked up ever since I let Jon drive it for a couple months until he got his own, but yesterday, it took a turn into "Fuck My Life" land. I don't know what happened, but I left my car parked in the street outside our house, and when I cam back, the driver's side door wouldn't open. Well, it would open a smidge, but for now, I'm stuck either going out the passenger door, or pulling a Dukes of Hazzard and sliding out the window. Somethings are better left on TV.

Anyways, this week I picked up The Yeah Yeah Yeahs' new album. I know a lot of people got all pissy because they used a synth, but for eff's sake, shut your goddamn face hole, it really isn't that bad. Heads Will Roll makes pretty good use of it, as does Skeletons. Hysteric is still the best song of them all, though. It's a beautiful song, and it would make a pretty good lullaby.

I also picked up The War Child covers album, which isn't that bad. There are some really good tracks (Franz Ferdinand and Yeah Yeah Yeahs), but I still find Duffy to be absolutely grating. Her voice is high-pitched and irritating, and her cover of Live and Let Die is boring as fuck. It's kind of funny that she's followed by Estelle, who is a WAY better (and more legitimate) soul singer than she is, although it's a bit redundant that she'll shout "LISTEN!" every five seconds while singing. As if I paid $15 so I can ignore you. I think she may have taken singing lessons from The Legend of Zelda's Navi.

That's all for now. To play you out, here's the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' acoustic version of Hysteric. Cheers!


Dr Jared said...

any notifications on a title yet?

Robert said...

Your not having a good run (excuse the pun) lately Jeremy!
Like I keep saying to you "Fuck Canada off and come and live in Oz" - the boys are just waiting for a hot dude like you man!
x Robert

justin said...

totally random, but i was reading this and listening to it's blitz and hysteric started at the same time i read that it was your favorite...creepy