Thursday, April 23, 2009

Read A Motherfucking Book!

Wait a minute...What kind of fuckery is this? Encouraging literacy? Parental responsibility? Wise financial investments? That's not what rap is about! Rap is about exploiting your own previous circumstances while shamelessly bragging about materialistic possessions! Everyone knows that!
(H/T to Shadows of Dakaron for the video)

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Robert said...

See Jeremy “society” is insidious – it will always try and morph radical expression into its conservative moral code. Break out man and don’t clean your fucking teeth let alone read a book dude! What’s that old saying “fuck the world I want to get off”?
On another line of thought - Can I make copies of your naked pics from yesterday and cover my ceiling with them? Lol! Just kidding – I think!
X Robert TGIF