Monday, April 13, 2009

The Monday Brain-Picking: What Gets You Off?

Alright, so since I'm currently up to my tenth Sunday Kill, Fuck or Marry, it occurred to me that I still have absolutely no idea what the fuck any of your types are. As such, I've decided to add a new day-based feature to the blog: The Monday Brain-Picking, where I get you to spill your squishy little guts for my own personal benefit. Sounds fun, doesn't it? Anyways, as a sort of Market Research for my new career, and for future KFMs, today's Brain-Picking:

When it comes to the sex and dating, what's your type, and what's your dream bonk?

I'll get things started off by saying that no, I don't really have a type, but I tend to weak-kneed and doe-eyed for the muscle guys. Not like "all veins are clearly visible through the skin" kind of muscley, but still, big muscles make me melt.

And my dream bonk? The Rock. Oh sure, he may be trying to do the whole "Dwayne Johnson" think now, but dude? Let's face it. You named yourself something that borders on pervertedly sexual, you're not living that down, EVER. Nor should you.

So let's see those squishy little guts people. What's your pleasure?


Rusty said...

I'm pretty sure we've established that you and I tend towards the same type, but just to recap; I like the muscle boys too. Not overly beefy, but I like them ripped and well-fed. And, as you know, The Rock is at the top of my freebie five list as well. He's got the body and the sort of rugged handsomeness that's damn near impossible to beat.

Figgylicious said...

My type...Tall. Dark, curly hair. Thick eyebrows (not unibrow, but thick), dark-colored eyes. Nice, big body but not overly muscled, just not skinny. I like my men big. Broad backs, toned arms. Great smile. Shy/quiet demeanor.

My absolute dream bonk? Eric Bana. But just look at my top five: Eric Bana, Christian Bale, Reynaldo Gianecchini, Jon Hamm (not curly-haired, but gorgeous anyway), Gerard Butler.

Just thinking about that makes me weak in the knees.

And I love that photo. The Rock's smile makes rainbows spontaneously appear in the sky.

meaux said...

Hmm, as y'all may have noticed, I'm definitely NOT a fan of the big muscley type. Although, I don't like 'em too skinny either; broad shoulders are lovely. Height doesn't really matter (although taller than me is preferable)--short and intense can be just as hot as a mighty sequoia of a man.

I'm very much an eye girl; colour doesn't matter, but they should be big and soulful. Like Figgy, I tend to like the shy, quiet sort. I'll add that intelligence and sense of humour are required, I don't care how easy on the eyes he is. Also? I'm a major Anglophile. A British accent causes my knees to wobble.

I'd say my dream guy is Daniel Radcliffe circa 2017. Mind you, I wouldn't kick him out of bed if he showed up tonight, but he just seems like he's going to age incredibly well. Meanwhile, I'll make do with Clive Owen, Robert Downey Jr. or Ed Norton, thank you very much!

Robert said...

simply - you are the perfect hottie - no question about it! It is a lay down royal flush - I would get my rocks off major time if I saw you naked again!
x Robert
PS And it is my secret as to where I have seen you naked - and I will never tell!!! lol!

Mr. Controversy said...

My type is pretty, but with substance underneath. I happen to enjoy bookworms, and I need someone that believes in the concept of "happily ever after". They don't need to believe that it's bound to happen, or that it's a necessity in life, they just have to believe it could happen. I still need someone lively though, or at the very least able to hold a really good conversation that makes me feel like I could stand to learn something. (I'm incredibly egotistical and shy at the same time, the right person knows how to bring out both.)

Top 5 (no particular order, except for my girlfriend being first): My girlfriend, Anne Hathaway, Rachel McAdams, Jennifer Garner, and Mandy Moore.

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

I tend to like 'em young, skinny (but wiry, and that "v" muscle thing with the hips is hot), pale, and vaguely effeminate. Rob Pattinson (I know, shut up), Rupert Grint, Jeremy Feist (y'know, if he liked the girls), Rodrigo Santoro. Though I do also love The Rock. And there are other muscley-ish guys I dig too. What it comes down to is, I like boys. Rupert Grint is the hottest of the hotness, though. He can Ron Weasley me any time.

By the way, that's pretty much for bonking purposes. For actual relationship material, I like 'em brainy and self-assured. (Many people refer to this quality as "obnoxious", but I just like the ones that say what they mean and mean what they say. Confidence in one's philosophy, with room for change, is totally hot.)

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Oh! I forgot about my nose thing. Adrien Brody. Although he's getting kind of old for me.

Dr Jared said...

When it comes to the sex and dating, what's your type, and what's your dream bonk

-"Type" seems to cliché to me, I understand that people have their own personal favorite body types, eyes, hair colour, etc. All to make that "perfect" lover/boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other, but for me, I really don't fit the mold of being so judgemental and picking based on looks primarily. I try to dig deeper past the external beauty and see what lies in their heart and head. Sounds like something everyone does right?
Well, I enjoy pretty much anyone when I'm dating/making love/fucking (to be blunt and cover all area's in the subject) I of course am guilty of wanting that super model boyfriend with the short cut hair, facial hair, god-like body, etc. But really, that's just something we hold ourselves to, in a standard that we can make ourselves feel like we can achieve perfection potentially.
I mean right now, I'm hanging out with this guy who we both have a LOT of mutual friends, and he's a sweetheart, great personality, good mind set, great sense of humor, he's very beautiful, but he's got a little bit more weight and some scars that make me uneasy. But really I look past all that even if he is good looking, what really should matter is WHO they are not WHAT they look like. But this is me speaking, and of course everyone else has an opinion of their own, and can debate it any time, but we are all human and not all of us are the same, etc.
I like this idea that your putting along with KMF.
But yeah, my view is I try to look past the outter beauty and look towards inner beauty. That's what's more appealing to me than anything.

And my dream bonk? Wait......did you say BONK?

Let me pick my jaw up off the floor for a sec. =P

Haha, but on a serious note, I have a LOT of dream "bonk's" ... Haha..I still can't stop laughing that you said bonk....
But my number one person I would love to get freaky with would be: Blake Harper.

RJ Danvers running in second place, and then as a third place winner it would have to be ...... You. :)

justin said...

brian hansen...