Saturday, January 24, 2009

Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!'s this for bullshit? For Christmas, I asked my Dad for an iPhone, and pretty much nothing else. I make sure to tell him a month before the day so that if anything happens, he can tell me sooner rather than later. Well fuck that, he decides to tell me five days before Christmas that he can't get me one. Bummer, but whatever, I'll live.

Then today, I find out that he's getting one for my younger brother. No reason why. Just kinda up and decided that hey, he asked for an iPhone and by gum, he should have one! This is of course a week after he got a free iPod touch for no reason whatsoever.

Oh, and did I mention that instead of giving is week-old iPod to either the oldest or youngest brother, he's selling it. I know he's family, but this is the point where I start calling bullshit. Mind you, this is the same guy who moved me down into the basement because he wanted to turn my room into another bathroom. As in, he already had one, he just decided he needed a bigger one. Yeah, guess I'm not the favourite, am I?

Oh, and just to nail it home that my family has a collective IQ in the negatives, here's a brief conversation I had with Patrick (the youngest) as to the whereabouts of my laptop...

Me: Pat, did you and your friends go in my room while I was gone?

Pat: No no, we only went downstairs into Jon and Jeremy's room.

Me: I'm going to give you ten seconds to rethink that sentence.

(10 seconds pass. Nothing happens)


Patrick: Oh yeah. We put your computer in the corner

I feel like I should go around the house and pad all the sharp corners with bubble wrap so that they don't hurt themselves.


Rusty said...

Trust me when I tell you that having intelligent siblings does not lead to them being any less infuriating. My brother is beyond sensitive and insists that my sister and I have to "respect" him, but then he'll do things like use my computer without asking or say there's nothing wrong with him sitting around in boxers when we're expecting company. I could go on for a while, but I'll stop there.

My sister just steals my clothes.

Jeremy Feist said...

Your brother sounds disturbingly like Jonathan, who, while smart, had the eldest complex where he believes that he's entitled to just about everything. Whether or not he deserves anything is another matter. And yeah, clothes stealing runs rampant in our family. I'm pretty sure I once had clothes, but they've all mysteriously vanished to my brother's rooms. Oh well, they're usually douchebaggy American Eagle Polos and such. Not much of a loss.

meaux said...

Ohh, dude, that sucks! There's nothing as infuriating as family, eh? It's weird, I really like my brother in theory--but in practice, not so much. I rarely see him (he lives in a different town) and kind of miss the guy, but when I do talk to him it takes all of five minutes for him to get under my skin.

Great picture, though. Too funny.