Friday, January 16, 2009

Soooo...Would A Male Version Of Hooters Be Called Moose Knuckles?

Hello to the handful of people who read this pile o' crap. My apologies for the lack of an update yesterday. I've been trying to do at least one update a day, but I decided yesterday to write for Zombie Forecast, the other blog I do that I never bother paying any attention to because I am a lazy motherfucker. It's pretty much the Jan Brady of my blogging. You can find the new article here, if you have any interest at all in the undead (which, if you don't, shame).

Anyways, for those wondering what in the fuck the headline is about, well, the whole thing started a couple days ago when the good folks at Quizlaw posted an article about how Hooters was being sued by a bunch of guys for discrimination. Apparently, Hooters only hires girls with giganto titties. Who knew?

The following day, My Salty Lovemaster (no, not that one, the other one) posted a link to something called the Ballbra (seen below), which is like underwear for men who are so fucking stupid, they are in-fucking-capable of whiping it out like a normal person.

Yes, that is a serious product. Honestly, that shit ranks right up there with Snuggies and Chia Pets on the long list of "Shit That If You Buy I Will Try To Hate You To Death". Seriously, just buy regular people undies. Or just don't wear anything underneath there. That's also a pretty fucking good option.

Anyways, point is The Hooters Law Suit plus The Ballbra allowed Courtney to throw down the glove, asking for a male-version of Hooters. And since I can't resist a challenge, or an excuse to get massively drunk and take off all my clothes, I met her challenge.

Soooooo...Anybody got any ideas? 'Cause I got nothing.

Yeah, I probably should have thought that through before opening my trap. The only business experience I have to my name is pretty much a semester of Commerce (only three more to go. Weeeeeeeeee). So, yeah. If y'all have like any ideas, please say something, because I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing.

Although that's how it is for most cases, so why should this be any different?

And don't think I've forgotten the Pajibette calendar. Seriously, I'm still racking my tiny little brain trying to figure out how something like this would work. Once again, one semester Commerce, no idea what the fuck I'm doing, Yappidy-yappidy-yappidy-blah-blah-blah.

Also, a quick aside here, but I'm gonna be retooling the blog layout and colour scheme soon(ish). You know, maybe move the sidebar around, find a better place for the jukebox, and I definitely need to work on the colour scheme, since I realised a month ago (about a week after I changed the colours I think) that it was pretty much the same one that TK has. So I need to work on that. No earth tones though. I fucking DESPISE the shit out of earth tones. And I might change the banner pic to something more suitable. Kahlua's gonna be a year old on Valentine's Day, so I figure I might need to update that one soon. Either a new picture of her, or maybe on of Snowball.

Yes, Kahlua was born on Valentine's Day. Which gives me something to do on V-Day besides eat pity chocolate and secretly wish all the couples around me would drop dead of the herp. Fuck off, I'm bitter.


Matt the Great! said...

I agree. It's about damn time there was a male version of Hooters. We so desperately need that. Why has no one raised this point before, and better yet, why has no one done this?

Robert said...

Bitter and twisted - is that drink?
x Robert lol!