Wednesday, January 7, 2009

With Regards To Ms. March

Okay, so Sofia started a contest looking for the single tackiest thing on the internet. After ten minutes of google imaging various tacky subjects (including the word "tacky"; wonderfully imaginative, I know) I happened upon...well, just look at it for yourself.

CHECK THAT SHIT OUT! Oh god, sometimes it's just too easy. The best part about it? It came from a website dedicated ENTIRELY to knick knacks. And not in an ironic fashion, either. It was easily the most unintentinally hilarious site I've seen all day. For the sake of the poor woman's dignity, I won't post a link. But honestly, I've got a motherfucking arsenal here. I'm winning this bitch hands down.

Didn't do much else today, really. Went to go return a copy of Pineapple Express I bought yesterday, since Jon bought a blue-ray copy twenty minutes before I did (Yeah, I'm an idiot; Surprised?). Not exactly easy since we're in the middle of a friggin' snow storm. I also decided to try a Berry infuseg Chai Tea at Starbucks. All I can say is, don't. Just don't. It's like drinking the filling of a toaster strudel. It actually had LUMPS in it. LUMPS. It's like liquified pie. It made me want to punch someone in the throat. So gross.

Oh, and did I mention I spent the day kinda-sorta-but-not-really-but-still-pretty-fucking-cool flirting with HotAndy? Sweet guy, he is. And yes, he lives up to his name. Defs need to go down and visit Boston. Any Eloquents down there?

I also bought a copy of Grand Theft Auto for the new PS3. In honour of my being a materialistic whore, here's some Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation.

Yay capitalism! I'm gonna go drink my feelings. Cheers.


Sofi said...

Oooooh, nice submission!!!

We should ask Nosek to be the judge of this contest, don't you think?

Matt the Great! said...

HotAndy is a sweet guy, and so dedicated to his work while in college. I love the guy.

Robert said...

G'day Jeremy,
I love Grand Theft Auto.
In Oz newspapers are saying BluRay has been superseded by the latest release TVs currently on show in a trade show in Los Vegas where the units have cabling direct to the internet – therefore allowing direct downloading of Full HD movies.
At least I have had 4 months use of my PS3 as a BlueRay player – oh well how can you keep up with technology? My Sony Bravia X series Full HD was superseded by the next generation which handles movement better only a month after I took delivery.
What about the poor suckers who bought normal HD TVs (ie not 1080) only a short while ago?
Enjoy the streets of NYC.
X Robert

Jeremy Feist said...

Sofi: Thank you kindly, Sofi aka Ms. September.

Matt: He really is. The weird thing is, I thought all doctors were old and saggy, but HotAndy is, for lack of a better term, Hot! He's like a real life Grey's Anatomy, only without Katherine Heigl.

Robert: This is why I haven't bothered getting BluRay/HD DVD/varous other things like that. I'm sticking with DVDs until they go instinct. That and BluRay is fucking EXPENSIVE. Happy Australia Day!