Monday, January 19, 2009

And He Goes To Med School

Okay, so today was the first day of my second semester at school. I have good news and bad news. Good news so far: One of my classes is online, so I never have to show up, and my English teacher is a firm believer in showing movies. Yay!

The bad news is that I have to take Calculus II, a mandatory course that I'm kinda hoping I don't fail. There's also the matter of my Western Civ course, which is where fun goes to die a slow and incredibly painful death. Thankfully, I had a desk in the back corner, so I just slept for about an hour. Suck on that, higher education!

Anyways, hopefully this semester I won't nearly fail every class I'm taking. All I have to do right now is maintain at least a 60 average until May 12th, and I'm good. Just one more year, just one more year...

Also, HotAndy, if you're reading this, you can suck it! Okay, for those who have no idea what I'm talking about here, HotAndy and I were having an email competition where we had to ask each other how the other was doing. And I almost won, but then he totally tricked me, and now I owe him a beej. Tricky jerkface...Oh well, I'm not exactly complaining here. In honour of him being a tricky, sexy beast, here's The Dresden Dolls with Mandy Goes To Med School.

And in really-super-fucking-cool news, Porn Team, the guys who distribute Pierre's DVDs, just announced their top selling movies, and Pierre's newest release was the highest seller. Apparently, it was the highest selling DVD they had in seven years, which is really cool. Feel free to post any and all words of congrats, praise, and anything that else that will swell his ego on his blog or in the comments below.

And finally, or no real reason at all...PENIS FISH!



Matt the Great! said...

Definite CONGRATS! to our friend Pierre. Only he could pull it off. And HotAndy is one of the sweetest guys around, but he can be tricky for sure.

Lainey said...

PENIS FISH IS AWESOME!!! So, um, where can I buy one? I totally mean for my aquarium...

Robert said...

Hey Jeremy - great news about Pierre hey!
Loosing a bet to HotAndy with a bj to the winner sounds like the best bet I've ever heard of loosing!
x Robert
PS Sorry My brain has melted - it was 41 degC here today - that's fucking hot man

Jeremy Feist said...

Matt: Congrats...You know, like "nice job" and such? Heehee!

Lainey: Not sure. Ask Turk, he's the one who saw it. I think that little guy is somewhere in Seattle.

Robert: Yeah, there are certainly worse bets to lose, I suppose. And 41 C? Jeebus, poor you guys!