Friday, May 8, 2009

Get Ready To Do Your Happy Dance

Alright, massive amounts of good news is about to come your way people, so let's get this shit started.

First up, the last day of classes is fast approaching. Pretty soon, I'll be out of here, working on getting my still-in-the-works Z-List Porn career off the ground.

Second, as has been announced, I'll be heading down to Sonoma, California in June to do a live show for Turk's site. I gotta say, the fact that I'm already heading down to work in the US is super-fucking-tits. As of yet, an official date hasn't been set, but hey, whatevs, this is still pretty fucking cool.

Next on the docket, I woke up this morning, went to my gym class, then went on to Twitter to check some shit out. And then I found this:

I have absolutely no shame in saying that my jaw fucking dropped in the middle of class. Once again: This shit is totally the tits! Seriously, Eddie Fucking Stone is starting up a brand new site, and he wants me of all people to shoot for it. I have no idea why he would want me, but Godtopus help me, I'm flattered.

Last item to get all excited and happy about? Bruce has set up another scene for me on Videoboys for this Sunday with JP Jackson. Hot fucking damn!

Yeah, needless to say, I'm doing fucking cartwheels right now.

Anyways, if experience has taught me anything, it's that something very, very, VERY bad is going to happen soon, but fuck it. For now, I'm just going to enjoy the fact that good things seem to be happening.


Rusty said...

OK, so I'm a little said because there's a very slim chance I might be in California in July and I'm sad that we wouldn't overlap. But! Mostly I'm happy to hear about all your good news. Go you!

Figgylicious said...

Oh, kick ASS. Congrats and good luck!

And really, who can blame them? Just look at you.

Love the new header, btw.

Robert said...

wow congrats man - fucking hotties and being paid for it! - you've hit the motherload dude!
x Robert

Ammos said...

I do get the feeling but seriously: fuck prior experience and its teachings.

Ride this out and don't let anything very, very, VERY bad happen. If Feist can't do it no one can! That kind of thing.

Just keep some wood handy - to touch when things get just too good.


Foster said...

Jeremy you are indeed one lucky lad to be going to meet Turk.
You have to keep us up to date on all the details.

Jeremy Feist said...

Rusty: Awww, bummer :( But still, thanks Gen-Gen!

Figgy: Thanks Figs! Yeah, I retooled this bitch a little. You like?

Robert: Thanks Rob! I'm just really lucky is all.

Ammos: Hmmm...that's actually a good idea. I need a piece of wood to knock on at all times. Thanks for the tip!

Foster: Oh of course, there will be blogging, don't you worry sug!