Monday, May 4, 2009

If The Mood Should Hit Ya

Once again, my apologies for lack of updating in this bitch. I swear, I'm gonna learn how to balance stripping and blogging. Eventually. For now, I'm a little busy with the last week of school rush that seems to happen this time of year.

Anyways, it's been a pretty productive weekend as far as the stripping goes. Needless to say, my technique has improved greatly, although to be fair, Stephen Hawking dances better than I do, so that's not exactly saying much. It also doesn't help that on Saturday, I had to work the floor with Pierre. Don't get me wrong, Pierre is a shitload of fun, but let's face it: Katy Perry has a better chance of being struck by lightning while winning an Oscar than I have of out-sexying Pierre. You ever tried following up Pierre Fitch on a stripper pole? It's like trying to follow up Foie Gras with a shit sandwich.

Anyways, he has introduced to some seriously cool people. For instance: Julien. You probably can't appreciate this, since I don't have a video on hand, but sweet holy jeebus can the guy ever dance. Seriously. He is to pole dancing what Jimi Hendrix was to Guitar-Playing/Passing out and choking to death on your own vomit. It's pretty fucking amazing. It's like watching Cirque Du Soleil, only less gay.

But the best was that he introduced me to Rene. Rene happens to be hot, funny, smart, and SANE. Oh, and his dick is fucking gigantic. Meeting someone like this in a strip club is like going down to the Sonic and seeing The Loch Ness Monster sucking down a Blue Coconut Slush. And the best part? He actually finds me attractive. ME.

Come to think of it, I might wanna reevaluate that sane part.

Anyways, for now, I'm gonna try not to get too excited. I won't go into details, but if past experience has taught me nothing, it's that get excited about stuff tends to lead to everything getting all fucked up. So for now, trying not to freak out with glee, which is VERY hard to do right now.

To play you out, here's Esthero with "If Tha Mood", which I'll be stripping to on Wednesday. Cheers!


Robert said...

Hi Jeremy,
As an aficionado of pornography, for what it is worth, here is my review of your scene with Roddick on Videoboys

Part 1
Adult entertainment has found a new star with the latest release from featuring Jeremy Feist.
Debutant Feist is teamed up with seasoned performer Jeremy Roddick in a slickly edited production that explodes with sexual energy.
Although Roddick is a bit too mechanical, Feist entices the viewer to join his bed encounter with a teaser of trepidation. With the words: “It’s the first big one [movie]... I’m a little nervous” Feist lulls the audience into a sympathetic state – only to dramatically launch into a sexual frenzied of sucking and major anal work that includes toy work and topping by Roddick.

Robert said...

Part 2
Publicised by Videoboys as an “eager bottom boy” Feist lives up to the hype, moaning with sheer delight as Roddick pounds away as though he is late for a dinner date or another equally important engagement.
Saving the scene, Feist offers the audience inviting expressions juxtaposed to Roddick’s methodical and expressionless performance.
Shot in a nondescript apartment, the lack of location interest leaves an uninterrupted focus on the actors’ performances.
Feist delivers with a hot blooded and totally enthralling gay copulation. He offers himself fully erect with gusto and takes a direct facial hit from Roddick’s money shot, almost without blinking an eye.

Robert said...

Part 3
For a first-timer, this Canadian helps prove that the land of the red maple leaf is on par with Czechoslovakia when it comes to producing gay adult entertainment stars.
Unfortunately for the author, prior knowledge of the model made the new Videoboys scene too incestuous for gratification.

Matt the Great! said...

Following Pierre is hard no matter what, not just on a pole :)
I knew the stripping gig would work out for you (you can thank me later). And Rene is a super-sweet guy, and pretty damn cute. I wouldn't be too surprised that he likes you. There's a lot to like!

meaux said...

Aw, I'll be looking forward to updates on the Rene thing. Speaking from experience, there's a lot to be said for the combination of hot, funny, smart, sane and hung--if you find it, hold on for all it's worth and enjoy it, sweetie!

Oh, and I missed the weekly K/F/M. You had better not let your stripping interfere with my fantasy life--that is unacceptable, mister!

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