Monday, May 18, 2009


Well, looks like Bruce got the press pack from my scene with JP out. My thanks to Ian and Jeremy, who did a great job with the editing, but sadly, there's not enough photoshop in the world to make me look less white than I am. Oh well. Anyways, the pics are after the blurb, and in case you're wondering, YES, this is NSFW, unless your work is porn. You can see the actual video over at Videoboys, but for now, pictures!

Yes, we know that JP Jackson is mostly straight but we wanted to find out what sorts of circumstances compel him to bend. So first he told us what he likes in a guy, so we roped in Jeremy Feist to fill those requirements. Then we got JP to demonstrate to us what he likes to do with a guy once he has a young, skinny boy in his clutches.


Anonymous said...

Why are you not having protected sex?!

Bigg said...

That's effin' hot.