Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jeremy Feist is my Bitch

Two little bits of good news for you guys here: First off, remember back when I first started this piece of shit, it was basically used as a cheap-o gossip dump? Well, ever since Dustin completely lost his shit a little while back (Sorry dude, you kinda did), Stace has been working away on Webster's is my Bitch all by her lonesome. However, after getting home last night and fishing twenties out of my cheap-ass pair of American Apparel undies, I found an email from Stacey asking me to jump aboard. Naturally, I said yes. Starting next week, I'll be doing some occasional work for Webster's Is My Bitch, which I think makes me the world's first gay porn star/stripper/waiter/proffesional gossip blogger. Unless I'm horribly mistaken. Eat it, Perez! In all seriousness, I'm honoured, and I look forward to carrying on Dustin's tradition of posting shirtless pics of Ryan Reynolds. Like this.
Mmmmmmmmmm...That is some man-pretty right there.

Now where was I? Oh, yeah, the second thing, right...Anyways, right now I'm working on moving into my own place (FINALLY), and so far I think I might have found a good place. It's a little small (Studio apartment, go fig), but it's pretty cheap, in a good area, and all the kitchen appliances are included, which makes me VERY happy. Goddammit, I need me a good fucking kitchen! And since it's pretty small, I don't have to worry about dropping a couple thousand to have the place furnished, which allows me to invest my hard-earned cash in more important things, like finally fulfilling my dream of building a Scrooge McDuck money pool.
Awwwwww yeeeeeah, boyyyyyyyyyyy!

To be honest with you, the whole thing is both exciting and pants-shittingly terrifying. On the one hand, after spending the first eighteen years of my life trying to please everyone around me (and having zero fun), it's exciting to see my life and my career taking off. On the other hand, I have no idea where my life is taking me right now, and I have no idea where the hell I'm gonna end up. But whatever, I'm not gonna sit around being all mopey like "Waaaaaaah, I'm uncertain about the general direction of my life. Pity me!" It's a little scary yes, but I might as well give it my best, and if it doesn't work out? So be it. At least I actually did something instead of lying around bitching about my life while somewhere in Sri Lanka, three doctors are forced to care for 300,000 people. Sometimes it helps to keep your problems in perspective.


Figgylicious said...


A perfect partnership, I say. You guys will be so awesome together. Best gossip blog EVER.

Lainey said...

Wow, look at all the new fun things in your life! Very exciting. I know no one wants unsolicited advice, but tough shit, I'm older and I'm giving some: when first starting out in your new place, DO NOT go into debt to try to decorate and/or furnish it! Make a budget and stick with it even when it sucks sometimes. You'll be very surprised to find out how much it costs to live completely on your own. If you never listen to another word I say, please take my word on this.

Good luck, congratulations, and big kisses!

Anonymous said...

Wait, when did Dustin lose his shit? Link, please.

Robert said...

Great news all round Jeremy. I for one like your life!
Have a great weekend with Matt, PF and Julien.
x Robert
PS No more bro and his clarinet lol!

Jeremy Feist said...

Figs: Yes, we will make an awesome combo of mistress/slaveboy.

Lainey: Not to worry, I'm not about to pull out a mortgage to furnish my place.

Anon: Couldn't find the exact place, but it was during his week alone. It didn't turn out well...

Robert: Thanks, Rob! And not to worry, no Clarinet playin' today.

litelysalted said...

Good luck tomorrow, Jerms!

I think he's gonna be great. :)

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