Friday, May 15, 2009

...I'll Be In My Bunk

So, my scene with JP Jackson has already hit the tubes. I know, I'm really quite surprised by how quickly we managed to bring it all together. Granted, JP and I managed to get the scene done in about an hour and a half (with pee breaks, natch), and I know Ian, Bruce and Jeremy managed to give it the George Lucas treatment in record time, so all in all, we are just professional as fuck all up in this bitch. None can compare to our professionalism. So don't bother trying. Anyhoodle, you can gawk at my skinny, pasty ass over at Videoboys. The Hi-Res pics will be up as soon as Bruce sends out the press pack, but for now, just try to stay cool, Cucumbers.

For now, here's the always hysterically funny Joel McHale providing one of the most accurate and insightful takes on Adam Lambert's sexuality. If I actually watched American Idol, I'm sure I'd give two shits, but still, this cracked my shit up.


Robert said...

Oh hysterical Jeremy - Whatever his sexuality - Adam can sing like hell. The YouTube stuff I have seen has blown me away. We get American Idol delayed here in Oz on cable so I don't bother watching - but his Led Zepplin cover was inspirational!
x Robert

Robert said...

Now that you are in the public eye – the same thing is happening to you – a lot of the people I talk to speculate as to whether you are gay or not. I just tell them to mind their own fucking business!
I reckon it is irrelevant as to whether you are or are not! Lo! Sorry I will take my tongue out of my cheek haha